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Our Approach

Growthmill was founded by CTOs and we approach each project with an agile, user-centric approach. We don’t burden the project with low-value documentation and project management. We cut through undue processes and focus on activities to understand client needs. Progress is shared in a transparent, simple fashion.

We help with ...

01 Product Strategy and Development

Growthmill's CTO can help you assess strategic fit, prioritize feature development, and help
develop tech products to grow your business.

02 System Architecture

Our approaches to system architecture are modern and adapt to specific situations.
The Growthmill team is proficient in architectures to support hundreds or millions of transactions.

03 Operational Efficiency

Automation to improve processes is a key proposition for software development. We can help assess where
technology can be applied to business processes to achieve the highest efficiency and value.

04 Team Augmentation

Already have a product roadmap and engineering leadership? Tap into Growthmill's engineering and design experts to round out your development team and scale your product.


We take pride in our areas of specialty and strive to consistently deliver exceptional results to our clients.

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