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Powering logistics from Start to Scale

Growthmill partnered with Saltbox to solve the hardest parts of running an ecommerce business through human-centric logistic solutions

01 — Summary

With a purpose-built network of flexible warehouses in major metropolitan areas, fulfillment centers and on-site services across the country, Saltbox addresses the most critical challenges ecommerce entrepreneurs face when starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

02 - The challenge

Growthmill team built a series of internal tooling and client facing applications to help Saltbox operate the spectrum of services from their offering.


Saltbox OS

The Saltbox OS is a robust amalgamation of internal utilities and customer-centric web applications that serve as the heartbeat of Saltbox's operations. It seamlessly manages everything from routine duties to the strategic allocation and oversight of resources, the control of access to facilities, and the reservation of temporary workspaces and offices, among other functionalities.

Crafted using React and React Native, this software suite is readily accessible across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Scalable infrastructure

In response to Saltbox's requirements for an adaptable and dependable solution, we designed and implemented a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our team harnessed the capabilities of the Elastic Container Service (ECS) with Fargate to streamline deployments while simultaneously achieving high availability, effectively enhancing the resilience of their systems.

To further refine the developer experience and ensure a seamless workflow, we duplicated the cloud setup across a variety of environments - production, staging, and development. This strategy not only expedites the testing and deployment of new features, but also establishes a robust, resilient infrastructure capable of dynamically scaling to meet Saltbox's evolving business demands.


Data Ingest & Operational proficiency

Recognizing the need for optimized data management, our team developed a bespoke solution to efficiently extract information from the Shiphero system. We crafted a state-of-the-art data warehouse to securely store this vital data, ensuring its high availability for operational continuity and strategic decision-making.

By automating the entire process, we've eliminated manual inefficiencies, allowing Saltbox to focus on its core operations. Our customized software development efforts have therefore created a streamlined, comprehensive data solution that goes above and beyond Saltbox's needs.

03 — Problem solved is the definition of done

Our approach to software development for Saltbox was meticulously tailored and iterative. We started by gaining a deep understanding of their specific needs and operational nuances. The software we built was not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a finely-tuned system specifically designed to address their unique requirements.

Post-deployment, we didn't simply hand over the software and walk away. Instead, we entered into a cycle of continuous improvement. Through regular feedback and close collaboration with Saltbox, we iteratively enhanced the software, tweaking and refining its features to optimize performance. This process ensured that the software evolved with the company, consistently delivering maximum value and helping them fully leverage the technology to meet their business goals.

04 — Press

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