Embed custom user experiences directly in the Stripe Dashboard

Discover how Growthmill enabled Inkhub to create a completely customized process around
Stripe low code components and manage their workflows from the Stripe Dashboard.

Build an app on Stripe

Stripe Apps lets you embed custom user experiences directly in the Stripe Dashboard and orchestrate the Stripe API. A Stripe app allows you to streamline operations just for your team or for the more than one million businesses using Stripe. Growthmill's engineers have built Stripe apps for internal and external purposes.

Stripe App Use Cases

Stripe Apps can be used to add efficiencies for your internal team or emulate existing business processes that
aren't satisfied by the existing Stripe Dashboard functionality. Additionally, Stripe Apps can be built and shared
with any Stripe User.


Use the Stripe API for automation

Stripe apps can leverage the Stripe APIs to work with data, listen to webhooks and take action.


Extend the Stripe Dashboard

By using React and Typescript, you can add your own user interface within the Stripe Dashboard.


Simplify workflows

Stripe Apps can be built to simplify common tasks in the Stripe Dashboard, such as issuing refunds, upgrading subscriptions, and basic reporting. Stripe Apps can bring great efficiencies to high-touch customer service tasks.


Integrate with external platforms

Need context about a customer or product not available in the Stripe Dashboard? Stripe apps can bring data from other platforms into the UI of the Stripe Dashboard.

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