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Unique consumer-centric experience

Insurance Zip Code (IZC) is a startup digital insurance agency. Their long term goal is to build a consumer friendly insurance agency specializing in Excess & Surplus (E&S) property insurance.

01 — Project overview from our perspective

IZC wants to make complex insurance easy for customers. It started with a sleek user interface where a consumer can enter the minimum amount of information as easily and quickly as possible to get a quote on an insurance policy.

By integrating with 3rd party data sources, consumers only need to enter the minimum amount of information required to generate a quote. Consumer and risk data is sent to an Agency Management / Comparative Rater platform. A Leads API allows IZC to ingest and quote risks coming from other sources beyond the IZC branded website.

The scalable backend built by Growthmill also allows risks to be sent to 3rd parties for true comparative rating, giving consumers a choice for their insurance.

02 — Our role
within the project

Insurtech is not about disrupting the insurance industry, but rather about enhancing it and making it more efficient.

Jay Weintraub, CEO of Insuretech Connect

03 — Outcomes of our cooperation

< 2 minutes
Customers can enter complete risk information in less than 2 minutes
> 50%
By integrating with the AMS, data entry was cut in half, allowing IZC to quote more faster
Risks are sent to 3 different 3rd parties for quoting

— From idea to execution

IZC and Growthmill started with a blank slate. With a focus on the insured, a tailored user experience was created to minimize the burden on new customers to share data about their risk. After collecting risk data, IZC and Growthmill streamlined the process for quoting risks across multiple carriers.

04 — Making web & mobile solution
as well as UX aspect

IZC wanted to engage insureds how they wanted to be engaged. Desktop or mobile. Phone, email or text. IZC wanted to make potential customers comfortable with the communication process from quote to binding.

05 — Different outcomes
for different risks

IZC knew different insureds needed different options. The process for quoting new business is driven based on the data provided throughout the process. Growthmill worked with IZC on bespoke workflows depending on each risk.

06 — Optimizing lead management

To scale their agency, IZC needed an optimized portal for managing leads. Growthmill's design and engineering team built an administrative portal allowing IZC staff to triage leads while managing the inflow and outflow of data throughout the quoting process.

— Context is key

IZC staff wanted to have context of risks while engaging leads. Communication with leads was made easy by providing additional context about a risk without opening a new tab or a secondary Google search.

07 — Brand

Growthmill's design team helped IZC with polishing their branding to reflect their best in class offering.

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