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Comparative Rating powered by the Herald API

Envoy Insure is a SaaS platform for Wholesalers, Brokers and Retail Agents looking to increase their digital distribution of commercial lines while remaining the Broker of Record.
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01 — Project overview from our perspective

After seeing the power of Herald's API, Growthmill built Envoy Insure and became a preferred partner with Herald. Growthmill's experience as a Stripe Verified Partner and working with Stripe's API gave us unique experience in understanding how easy to use APIs and no-code/low-code UIs can quickly enable customers to grow revenue.

02 — Our roles
within the project

Insurtech is not about disrupting the insurance industry, but rather about enhancing it and making it more efficient.

Jay Weintraub, CEO of Insuretech Connect

03 — Benefits of Envoy Insure

Carrier connections through Herald made available in Envoy Insure
Commercial Insurance Lines of Business
Distribution portals in Envoy Insure. One for Brokers, one for Insureds
Days to implement for Wholesalers, Brokers and Agents with Commercial appointments

— From idea to execution

Envoy Insure provides a solution for Producers wanting to leverage the power of the Herald API but don't have the time or expertise to do their own integration. Envoy allows Producers to have their own comparative rater and increase digital distribution while eliminating the need to invest in a software development project.

04 — Envoy Insure Broker Portal

Envoy Insure offers a single portal for Brokers to access multiple Carriers and multiple Lines of Business. Add efficiency to your Producer's quoting process by offering a single portal to quote across different products at once.

The quote submission process is simplified through a single application containing deduplicated, consolidated coverage and risk questions. Don't answer the same question twice.

05 — Envoy Insure Retail Portal

Go direct-to-insureds with Envoy's Retail Portal, a low friction, optimized experience letting insureds complete quote submission applications, review available quotes and request binding of their preferred quote.

— Quote Comparison

With Envoy, effortlessly compare quotes across various insurance products, including GL, Workers’ Comp, BOP, Cyber, Tech E&O, Professional Liability, Management Liability, and more, streamlining your decision-making process.

06 — Digital Distribution in Days, not Months

For Producers holding appointments with Herald's connected Carriers, Envoy Inusre can be deployed in less than one day. Envoy can assist in additional appointments to increase a Producer's reach and help offer insured new products.

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