Moveable Feast —
Michelin Star Dinner Party in a Box

Moveable Feast is a new platform built by restaurant owners to connect restaurants better and their guests across America. Enjoy the artistry, expertise, intention and, of your favorite restaurant experiences at home.

01 — About the project

Built by 12 Founding Restaurant Partners, Moveable Feast is a new platform for award winning independent restaurants to connect with guests at home across America.

Moveable Feasts' product is a culinary journey, featuring one new award winning restaurant each month, sourcing the finest seasonal and sustainably grown ingredients, largely drawn from the bounty of local farms near our open and collaborative kitchen in downtown Napa.

Now, from anywhere in America, you can not only read about restaurants that win Michelin stars, James Beard awards, and rise to the top of “best of” lists, you can experience them at home.

02 - The challenge

The Growthmill team developed a series of internal tools and client-facing applications to support Moveable Feast in efficiently managing their operations.


Conversion: Turning Visitors into Subscribers

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the software development process for Moveable Feast was creating an interface and system that would seamlessly convert casual visitors to the website or app into regular subscribers. The primary goal was to give every visitor a taste of the luxury dining experience that Moveable Feast offers, all from the comfort of their own homes.

To tackle this challenge, we spent a lot of time studying user behavior, understanding their needs and preferences, and crafting user journey maps. We developed an intuitive and engaging interface which showcased the high-quality offerings from Michelin star restaurants effectively. Our team worked tirelessly to optimize the process, minimizing the number of steps involved, and ensuring clarity at each step, all in an effort to ensure a smooth and hassle-free conversion process. Our analytics and tracking features were carefully designed to monitor user behavior and provide valuable insights to refine the conversion process further.


Logistics: Ensuring Consistent, Nationwide Delivery

Another major challenge we faced was the integration and management of the logistics side of the service, particularly with regards to nationwide delivery across the United States. Ensuring that Michelin star meals are delivered on time, and in a condition that does justice to the quality of the food, is a significant undertaking.

To address this, we integrated with a robust real-time tracking system that enabled Moveable Feast to monitor their orders from the moment they were placed until they were delivered. We incorporated algorithms designed to calculate the most efficient delivery routes and times, keeping in mind various factors like traffic patterns, distance, and estimated preparation time.


The experience: Building a Luxury Dining Experience at Home

The ultimate challenge was to ensure that the overall user experience was nothing short of exceptional. The vision was to encapsulate the luxury, exclusivity, and quality associated with Michelin star restaurants and to deliver this experience to users through our platform.

We focused on making the interface visually appealing and simple to use, with clear, high-quality images of the food and detailed descriptions of each meal. We ensured that searching for and selecting meals was a breeze. Personalized recommendations, based on the user's browsing and order history, were incorporated to enhance the user's experience and to make them feel valued.

Additionally, we prioritized the after-order service, developing features that allowed users to rate their meals, provide feedback, and easily get in touch with customer service if necessary. This ensured that the users felt heard and that their satisfaction was a priority.

Experiencing Michelin star cuisine at home is like bringing the symphony into your living room. Each dish, artfully prepared, sings a unique melody of flavors and textures. And the comfort of your own dining table becomes the grand stage. Truly, it's a concert of culinary excellence, without ever needing to leave the house.

04 — Flexible membership

Customers can choose to become members of Moveable Feast, enjoying exclusive benefits, special offers, and preferential access to meals from the best Michelin star restaurants. This membership is designed for those who frequently indulge in fine dining experiences at home and wish to make the most of their relationship with Moveable Feast.

On the other hand, we also welcome non-members, those who might prefer to order occasionally or want to try our service before committing to a membership. This option is perfect for those who are exploring the world of Michelin star cuisine and want the flexibility to order as and when they desire.

To ensure seamless transactions and flexibility in payments, we've chose Stripe. This integration not only ensures a safe and secure transaction process, but also allows us to implement dynamic billing and payment options. This includes both one-time payments for non-members and recurring subscription payments for members.

— From idea to execution

In conclusion, building the software for Moveable Feast was a journey filled with challenges, but it was these very challenges that drove us to innovate and create a product that truly resonated with the users, maintained the highest standards of service, and represented the essence of Michelin star dining experiences.

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