Reinventing home insurance

Growthmill aligned with RHP’s mission to give people the best way to protect their homes with as
little friction as possible. We made digital experience and rating engine that enables the company to be competitive
at the modern insurance market.

01 — Project overview from our perspective

RHP is an established insurance company based out of Houston that writes insurance policies through a network of 3rd party agents. They write insurance products primarily in Texas but plan to expand to other states in the future.

RHP has not historically invested in custom technology solutions, instead choosing to use 3rd party platforms to rate and manage their insurance policies. Today, RHP sees an opportunity to develop its own technology to serve customers better and add to the company's intrinsic value.

02 - The challenge


Rating Engine

Allowing the general public to enter information about the home they wish to insure and get a quote of the cost to insure. Calculations are based on many factors: persons house, how it’s built, where it’s located, distance to the nearest fire station, property updates, etc.


Insured Portal

A portal for insureds (customers) to log in and retrieve information about their policy, submit a claim or make a payment. Morbi eget sem faucibus, suscipit erat sit amet, eleifend tellus. Pellentesque venenatis dictum auctor. Vestibulum id quam pharetra, tincidunt quam a, aliquam nulla.


Agent Portal

A portal for agents selling RHP insurance to log in, retrieve information about the policies sold, analyze claims and update their license information. Summary view of all quotes generated through out the rating engine and detail view of each quote separately.

Insurtech is not about disrupting the insurance industry, but rather about enhancing it and making it more efficient.

Jay Weintraub, CEO of Insuretech Connect

03 — Collecting information required for the rating engine calculations

All important characteristics about the property that we need to know in order to calculate the price for insurance on it are asked at the beginning. As the consumer types the address, we are asking some specific questions about the property. We’re asking him to confirm the information we found on that property and not type it manually. Using the same approach throughout the whole process of collecting the information, we managed to make the process more comfortable for consumers by reducing the chance of an error by inputting the wrong data and not knowing the answer.

Illustrations designed especially for the client, combined with custom-made UI elements, separate them from the competition and establishes a strong visual identity

— Find nearby Agents

The way RHP generated the quotes in the past was that if potential client wants to buy insurance from them, he or she has to go to one of the agents locations and ask them to rate their property. He or she has to ask the person to generate a rating and a cost for it. We included that as a feature in the app as we tailored the UX aspect especially for the client. At the end of process of collecting the information, we list agents with the closest distance to the property location. This is moving their business model from a consumer working with an agent to consumer being able to work directly with RHP.

04 — Assuming the coverage and refining the quote

To reduce friction in the quoting process, Growthmill worked with RHP to standardize levels of coverage commonly selected by insureds. Bypassing the coverage questions typically presented during the quoting process, RHP was able to provide a streamlined, simplified process to reduce drop outs during the quoting process.

After viewing quotes, insureds can refine the pre-selected coverages assumed by RHP during the initial quoting process and instantly requote based on the new selections.

05 — Administrative Portal

Growthmill worked with RHP to build a Administrative Portal for managing quoate submissions. RHP can quickly search and filter quote submissions by a variety of attributes. After locating the desired quotes, the details of the quote and the rating details are available for review.

Portal features

01 Review the summary of quotes generated by the RHP rating engine
02 Search quotes by quote ID, name, email, address, product
03 Filter the quotes by quote ID, date, product, type of property,
coverage type, amount
04 See the details for each quote generated by the RHP rating engine

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